Blotchy and HandPrints after spray tan

by Breanna
(Tocumwal, NSW, Australia)

Question: hey,
i got a spray tan today using tuscantan. i havent yet had it on for 8 hours yet. but it has gone blotchy on my chest and my back. i also have a hand print on my chest from when i had my hand resting. will this come off when i have my first shower or will it stay on? my graduation is tomorrow and i really hope it comes off. if it doesnt what is a soloution for this?

Answer: It should even out or blend in better after the shower, but if it doesn't the easiest thing that you could do in such a short space of time that would be sure not to mess it up in any way would be to apply a bit of make up foundation on the blotchy bits.

If the occasion would not be so important I would suggest getting one of those creams that build up the tan slowly and applying a very small amount of it on the patchy areas. However, if you have never done this type of repairs before you could possibly overdo it and then you would have a similar problem only in reverse.

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