blending in tan

by lorraine

Question: If a client has a tan on top part of body( natural/fake tanning) and wants a spray tan on bottom will the bottom blend in alright should i spray legs with a darker shade

Answer: If the top is dark and you only spray tan the bottom, it should look OK, but if the client wants a whole body to be spray tanned you will have to fill in the gaps. If you only spray everything once, the top will still be darker then the bottom.

Usually what happens is that the technician will spray tan the whole body once, and the white skin will get a second coat. That way all will blend in perfectly.
If you are using a solution with a dark bronzer it might be easier for you to fill in the white gaps first avoiding darker skin, then let the client dry just a bit so the solution does not run and finally lightly spray the whole body evenly. That should produce a very even tan and you will clearly see where you have sprayed already.

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