Self Tanning Queen Gives Birth to Best Self Tanner.

self tanning queen

If you knew me, you would know that I am quite a lazy person. That is why I left search for the Best Self Tanner to somebody more energetic.

Sinead Norenius aka Self Tanning Queen has been on a search of this elusive product for years. She had tried many, many, many products but found that every one lacked something.

So, what does an enterprising girl do when she cannot find the product she wants?

She creates her own Best Self Tanner, of course!

(Actually, I would have never thought of doing it myself, I would just go on searcing - I guess I am not really enterprising, huh?) best self tanner After months of testing, she came up with her first product - Summer Glow. It ticks a lot of "must have" boxes for me, and a few extra ones that I did not even think of:

  • it contains no nasty stuff like parabens, but a lot of good things like antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients (and Lord knows I need all of them)
  • it goes a really long way, so is really cost effective (but not nasty cheap)
  • it is very easy to apply
  • has no nasty smell (that is so crucial to me, I refuse to smell like a chemical factory)
  • last, but not least, the color it produces is natural (in my case better than natural because when I suntan I turn dirty reddish brown), lasts a very respectable amount of time and does not streak or come off in patches.

    I would have been really, really happy with this package, but Sinead actually delivered more. There is only one way to describe Summer Glow, and that is LUXURIOUS . Everything about it is simply decadent. The product, the container, the way it arrives (who on earth packs a sun tanner in tissue and throws in yummy candy?), the AMAZING customer service.

    I mean - EVERY one of my inquiries has been answered promptly and not just in an "official" manner either. I got a warm, caring response with a hint of humour added to make it special. I think those people really love what they are doing and it shows in how they treat their clients.

    Get your bottle of Best Self Tanner here.

    Oh, and I love, love, love the pump. It is soooo easy to get the correct dose.

    And (just remembered)- you also get a DVD with videos to show you how to apply the product correctly so that you get it right - every time.

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