Bed tanning after spray tanning.

Question: Will you get a tan from tanning beds even while having a spray tan?

Answer: Yes, you can bed tan after spray tanning, just be careful that you don't overdo it. Spray tanning is only a cosmetic application so it does not protect your skin in any way from burning.
Use beds as if your skin color was milky white i.e. have short sessions at the beginning to allow your skin to build up some protection.

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Dec 10, 2011
stand up tanning
by: Anonymous

Use a stand up tanner instead of a bed. This way there will be no smudging.

May 19, 2011
tanning before you spray???
by: Anonymous

I have tanned the day after and when I sweat it makes streaks in your spray tan. So I've been tanning 1st and its never made me look blotchy cuz I poores were open but everyones sknin is different to wheee some people will do better tanning 1st and maybe some people neeed 2 spray 1sgt.. skin is

Boshena's comment: You are absolutely right - skin is weird. What works for some people does not have to work for others...

May 12, 2011
tanning before you spray???
by: L.Spicher

I go to suntancity and they told me u have to tan befor u spray cuz u will swear off all your spray tan if u don't..and the lotion will wash away the spry cuz its too freshly done.. I always tan 1st cuz it opens your pores up so that u get all the spray color..

Boshena's comment: It all depends on how you go about it. I think the best way to use spray tan and UV tan together is to UV tan a day after spray tanning after you've had a shower.

I don't think that having your pores open when you spray tan is such a great idea because if spray tanning solution has some bronzer in it (and most do) and it gets lodged in your pores it can give you a spotty effect which is very unatracive and hard to get rid of.

Some salons offer "fake and bake" packages and you can use those in any combination that you wish.

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