Beautisol Review. Not just your average self tanner.

I was really happy to do a Beautisol Review. I have been following Self Tanning Queen's blog (who created the brand) for some time and loved her writing.

I tried the product when it was still called Antidote, but apart from the name change, nothing else did, and thank goodness for that.

To start with, you have to experience at least once in a life time the total experience of Beautisol company marketing. The communication was great right from the start and when the package arrived it felt like I just got a Birthday present.

All beautfully wrapped, with a personal note and candy. You know, I still keep it in the box it came in. Silly, but gives me a nice feeling to take it out every time that I want to use it.

But - you might want to ask, what about the product itself?

Well, when I took it out of the box, I was surprised that it was not a larger bottle. I thought that it would at most last 2-3 tans. Not so. Beautisol Summer Glow is so rich, like a chocolate sauce, that it goes a long, long way. I think that you can easily get 6-8 full body tans out of it, depending how dark you want to be.

For myself - I like just a glow, so although I have been tempted to go darker, I never did. I was just too happy with the color that I got after the first application. You know what they say about "too much of a good thing...."

To date I have tried three products out of Beautisol range. Summer Glow Self Tanner, Go Slough Yourself Exfoliator and ALL Season Glow Gradual Tanner. Here are my experiences of those: Summer Glow superior self tanner

Summer Glow

When I first saw the color and consistency of Summer Glow, I thought that my Beautisol Review would be short and sweet. I thought I would not like it. I was used to almost clear, light liquid, easy to spread and smelling like nothing at all.

Summer Glow is a total opposite. It has the consistency of a chocolate pudding, thick and very dark. It also has a smell. Not a bad one, in fact it smells really good, but after using something without any smell whatsoever, this was really strong to me.

Since I had it already, I decided to try it nevertheless. The decision was easy, because apart from the candy, it also came with a pair of latex gloves, so I could get stuck into it before I changed my mind.

I sure was glad that I gave it a go. The brown goo spread out surprisingly easy. I used a very small amount to start with, and it was enough to cover my whole leg. That was really good. I rubbed until all the smudges dissappeared.

Although at the beginning I did not like the fact that the guide color was so very dark, when I spread it out, there was not any excessive color at all. In fact it was just enough for me to see that all the body was covered evenly. Any less color, and I would have missed some spots.

I was also concerned ithat the smell of the product would be too strong for me, but I did not have to worry about it. My nose got used to it in 5 minutes and after that I did not notice it any more. Probably because it was a very nice smell. It had nothing in common with the smell of self tanners that I hate.My husband thought that I smelled "delicious" and he does not like me even wearing perfume, so it must have been good.

I left the tan to develop overnight, and when I got up in the morning and had a shower I could finally see the result.I must say, the color is outstanding. It is golden, with a hint of a pink grapefruit. I would be really happy if my natural skin color would be that.

I have used Summer Glow a day after I exfoliated with Baiden Mitten so the color lasted about a week.

Beautisol Go Slough Yourself

Go Slough Yourself Exfoliator

Oh, if Go Slough Yourself would come as an ice cream I would have eaten tons of it. It smells absolutely super delicious. It really does. You feel like you just want to lick it.

It comes in a small bottle, but just like Summer Glow it goes a long way. It has the tinies beads that very gently work on your skin. It is very luxurious and I use it to polish my tan after couple of days - very lightly, so I do not take it off. It must have a lot of moisturizers, because my skin feels really hydrated after I use it. Lovely.

All Season Glow Gradual Tanner
Beautisol Gradual Tanner Again - very luxurious. Thick and creamy and very moisturizing. You just know that your skin will be ultra hydrated after you use it.

I use it in two ways:

- If my legs look really white compared to the rest of my body I will give them a quick moisturizing in the morning and by the time I get out the door they are not blinding white any more.

- When I get a spray tan I extend it's life with this product. As the spray tan fades, I will extend it's life by applying All Season Glow to bring it back to the original color. Works very well and as all the products in the line, it smells great.

So, that is my Beautisol Review. I find those products very, very luxurious, and the quality as well as the whole marketing experience that goes with it makes me want to use it regularly.

Which is just as well, since they have a regular client membership program called Club Sol where you can get generous discounts on their products and accessories. What I like about this program is that it is really easy to get in and also to get out, so you are never trapped with product piling up.

Another thing that is really important to me is that the products in the Beautisol range do not contain any parabens, propylene glycol, sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate. Those things are nasty, so I will not have them on my skin, thanks. I have used the products and no itchyness, no rashes, it is all good!

So, keep an eye out for Beautisol. It is new on the market, but people will be talking about it in the months to come.

You can purchase Beautisol here.

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