Bath after a spray tan

by jeannette
(stoke on trent)

Question: i had a spray tan done yesterday and my face looks really dark abit like dirt. I have to go work and isit safe having a bath this morning not a shower? Im scared of washin my face incase it comes of but carnt go work looking dirty.

Answer: It is better to have a quick, cool shower. Baths tend to soften the skin too much and make it exfoliate too quickly which is deadly for spray tans.

If your face is too dark even after a shower just use a little bit of foundation cover instead rubbing it off. Often the tan on the face wears really quikly, so it is better to camouflage it rather than take it off as in a day or two it will be the right shade.

The tan develops fully within 5-6 hours, so if you had a tan yesterday you can safely have a shower today to wash the bronzer off. Once the bronzer is washed off you will be left with a tan that your skin developed and that should be a good color as it is the bronzer that makes your face look dirtly.

Bronzer is just a suprficial color that is added to a solution for instant gratification and as a guide color for the spray tanning technician to know which areas they had already spray tanned and which still need to be done.

Other than that it serves no purpose and is meant to wash off with the first shower.

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