Bad Spray Tan Photo Gallery.

I thought that I would assemble Bad Spray Tan Photo Gallery for you to have some fun.I did not do it to scare you from getting spray tanned. There are millions of people walking around with good spray tans on and you would never even pick them as having it on - because it looks so natural.

In fact, the only way you can get your picture in Bad Spray Tan Photo Gallery is if you do it wrong. Mainly, too much of a good thing.

So, look and learn......

What a spray tan should look like

Bad spray tan Bad spray tan Bad spray tan Bad spray tan Bad spray tan Spray tan Fails Spray Tans Gone Bad Bad spray tan

How scary is this Bad Spray Tan Photo Gallery? Luckly I have seen thousands of great spray tans to know that all those are exceptions rather than a rule. As I find more photos, I will be adding to this gallery, so keep your eye on this page.

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