What does a bad spray tan look like?

Once you see a bad spray tan, you never forget it. It sort of puts you off spray tanning. That is unfortunate, because you've probably seen many good spray tans without even realizing it.

It seems that nobody is immune from ever getting a bad spray tan, however, while those of us who ever suffered from one got over it without any publicity, celebrities don't have such luxury.

Their "accidents" are aired on television, make way into all the tabloids and flood the internet.

And what makes a bad spray tan? It probably comes as no surprise to most of you, but it definitely is - overdoing it.

Bad spray tan most often is way too dark, often with an orange undertone. The sad thing is that a person wearing it often thinks that they look nice, when in fact they look so fake it hurts. Sometimes it goes hand in hand with unnaturally bleached hair and makes the wearer not only look 10 years older, but downright scary.

Here are some very sad examples:

Much too dark.

1) Christina Aguillera is such a beautiful girl, I don't know what she was thinking here. She definitely does not need to go to extremes to make herself noticed.

Christina Aguillera bad spray tan.

2) Donatella Versace has been a poster girl for bad tans for some time now. She is way too dark and that makes her look much older than what she actually is.

I am not sure if Liz Hurley has a spray tan on or a light natural one here, but basically that is what a good spray tan should look like. You should not be able to distinguish it from a natural sun kissed look. With such a light color, you actually concentrate on Liz's features, her expression, hair and clothes. When you look at Donatella, it would not matter what she wears, all you remember is the bad spray tan, which is so ironic, because she actually designs clothes.

Donatella Versace bad spray tan.

3) I am sure that when George Hamilton looks at himself in the mirror, he still sees himself as a 25-30 year old man. Otherwise he would easily see that he does not look "cool" anymore but rather like a caricature of his younger version. It is not so bad though, when I see photos of him I am motivated to age with more dignity.

George Hamilton bad spray tan.

4) When I think of Tom Jones, sadly the first thing that comes to mind is his unnatural color and only after that I think of his music. Somehow music stars from that time of "beach culture"(Tom Jones, George Hamilton, Julio Inglesias) are still so much stuck back in time, I don't think they are ever going to get out of it. I am a bit young to know that era, but it must have been a darn good time for them to refuse to leave it.

Tom Jones bad spray tan.

Here is another couple of examples of a bad spray tan.

Patchy spray tans.

It is not as difficult to get one of those, especially if you are very white. Just get the darkest spray tan you can get. When it starts to fade it is going to fade and rub off in an uneven fashion. Just look at the results below:

1) Katie Price. When I saw this photo first, I did not realize it was of a white female. Only the closer look at her hands revealed her true color. There is a strong possibility that she has many white patches on her body where the tan rubbed off prematurely. Usually it is around hands, feet, around waist and hips area (depending how low she wears her jeans) and on top of her thighs where the jeans rub as she walks. Unfortunately this is the price you pay when you spray a very white body with a very dark paint!

Learn what to do before spray tan to avoid patchy ones.

Jordan bad spray tan.

2) Linsay Lohan looks very good with a very light spray tan, but instead of getting a professional job, she often takes matters into her own hands. You can tell, because she often runs around with very orange palms of her hands. That is usually a dead give away that she attempted self tanning. Everybody knows that she has freckles, and I think that they are way more attractive than those very patchy smudges. They just give a bad name to a whole tanning industry.

Lindsay Lohan patchy spray tan.

Watch those hands, Kim!

spray tan on hands

1.Yes, that is how I feel about that spray tan Jessica LOL.

2.With Lady Gaga's track record, it is probably not a bad spray tan, it was intended to be that way.

3.Obviously somebody ran out of spray tanning solution to cover the second leg...

celebrities with bad spray tans

And the ones who started the trend!

bad spray tans

Enough of bad spray tans, click here to have a look at some good ones instead.

All those photos of celebrities sporting a bad spray tan come from blogs. I have no idea where people posting them got them from, but if you are actually an author of one of those picture, just drop me a line. I would love to give your website credit for them and link to you. That is only fair.

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Have a look at Bad Spray Tan Photo Gallery.

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