Bad VersaSpa tan

by Boshena

Bad VersaSpa tan

Bad VersaSpa tan

I went to a MagicTan training the other day, and James (of MagicTan Australia) set up a VersaSpa in the main convention room. At the breaks he invited whoever was willing to have a Versa Spa tan.

Now, my days of perfect body have long gone, and the VersaSpa booth was only separated by a flimsy screen from the rest of the room. Still, I was very tempted. I waited till everybody else had their go until I made my decision to have one.
Since it was a very long time since I had a spray tan in a booth, I was a bit rusty about the procedure, especially since James cranked it up to deliver the full package: first- the primer, then the tan and last ? the moisturizing cycle. A lot of positions to remember!

Being mindful of my own advice about the intensity of spray tan on a pale, European skin I asked for the lightest shade. ?Nah?- said James. ?Live it up, have a medium one?. Stupidly, I agreed.
James set the machine up and left me to my own devices. I quickly disrobed, and although I usually spray tan in the nude I was very conscious about good sized gaps in the screens, so I left my bikini bottoms on. Still, I did not feel very confident and relaxed, so I hurried through my preparations. Very, very big mistake!
I forgot to put barrier cream on my toe nails and on my ankles and also left palms of my hands bare. Well, you can imagine what happened ? I had two days of scrubbing before I could look at myself without cringing.

One thing I can definitely tell you - the new VersaSpa spray tanning solution is VERY durable. I wish it was not so on my palms and around my orange ankles, but the tan lasted FOREVER. Since I spray tanned in my bikini bottoms I got a real feeling how long it lasted. Two weeks after I still had a light shadow and that is without any tan maintenance at all. Not even moisturizing. Amazing stuff.

I will post a photo for you to see just how dark it was on me. Straight after this photo I ran to the bathroom and wiped my face. It was a good thing I did it too, because it was STILL too dark.

The tan was also a bit patchy, but that was due to the fact that I put on my clothes immediately after the session when the tan was still damp. I did not dare to stand there almost totally naked while people were coming in and out of a room.

I believe that tanning in a VersaSpa under the right circumstances is a very pleasurable experience. I like the fact that you can breathe no problem in the booth. There are no fumes whatsoever and the voice instructions are a godsent when you are having all the treatments. It makes it very easy. The solution is a great color, although if I had a choice I would DEFINITELY ask for a no bronzer one. There was a lot of bronzer in the solution that I was sprayed with, that is why I look so scary on the photo.

The conclusion is - DO NOT HURRY THROUGH THE PREPARATONS if you are having a VersaSpa tan. If you do you will have 2 weeks of regretting it :-)

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May 26, 2013
Trim & Tone Spa has the Versa Spa
by: Kathy

Trim & Tone Spa has the versa spa and they use the versaspa solution and they are very clean and friendly! 239-596-5522

Mar 05, 2010
Versa Spa is a great product
by: Milani Rospiglosi

We moved from Texas to Naples Fl. and are now active members of Zoom Tan, our tan lasts about three days vice seven days in the saloon we used in Texas, I believe Zoom Tan is diluting their spray solution, unfortunately is the only Versa Spa in the area, I wish we had an option..Other than that I highly recommended.
FYI try to avoid this place

Boshena's comment: Not all VersaSpa salons use the recommended solution, so it is possible that they use something different. It is not necessarily bad, just different from the solution that you are used to and it might be reacting differently on your skin. Other people might love it.

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