Bad tan

by Cynthia
(Mckinney texas)

Question:I got a spray tan and my top half is darker then the bottom half of my body. Plus it's not even how can I make everything even and look nice?

Answer: I suggest moisturising your bottom half with tan extending lotion, or that type of moisturiser which contains a little bit of tanning solution so it builds up the tan gradually. That way you can control how much deeper you will take your tan. You might have to moisturise your lower body 1-3 times, but give couple of hours before each "coat" so you don't go too dark.
That should also even out some of the streaks, but they might still be visible. You might want to scrub some of the darker patches lightly, so they will be lightened. Do it gently, you don't want to finish with white streaks, instead of dark ones.

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