Bad Spray Tanning Experience

by susan

Question: I do tan nicely naturally but never turn really brown.
I had a spray tan once in a local salon and looked like i was in fancy dress even the kids around were laughing. I was sprayed so much, I came home in tears and took a bath straight away so this did put me off. I'm just feeling pale and washed out at the moment. Any advice on good experienced tanning salons.

Answer:I hope that one bad experience will not put you off, because Spray Tanning is definitely an answer to a pasty complexion.

The easiest way to find a good salon is to ask them some questions such as:

"What depth of color would you suggest for a person with my skin type?"

"How long have you been working as a spray tanning technician?"

"What custome service do you provide after the session if anything goes wrong?"

The appearance of a salon also matters, you do not want to go there if it does not look clean. Another good indication is the tan that the girls in the salon are wearing. If it is nice, you will probably also look OK, if not, stay away!

In short, the more they know, the bigger chance that your tan will turn out OK.

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