Avoid Giant Liver Spots on Your Inner Arms after spray tanning.

by Jennifer P.
(Central WA)

When your arms hang down at your sides, DO NOT let them touch your body if you could still be wet or tacky. You'll end up with long, giant liver spot-looking dark spots where your arms have picked up the spray from your body.

Boshena's comment That is so true! There are quite a few things that can ruin your tan due to "human error", like running your fingers through your hair after you had a spray tan - here come orange fingers and palms! or clenching your thighs when you are spray tanning in the booth. It is pretty common, especially with people that have a bit of a weight problem. The result - inner thighs remain white. Can be funny, but not to the person that has to bear it.

Thanks for the tip Jennifer.

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