How to Apply Self Tanner.

When you are new to it, learning how to apply self tanner can be a bit tricky. Until I got it right, I used to finish with all different types of problems. White patches, brown patches, stripes, orange hands and feet, you name it, I had it.

Until I worked out my own way to do it, I spent a lot of money on spray tans. However, it is not as daunting as it would seem at the beginning. In fact, it is quite easy.

Below are few videos made by a lovely lady called Sinead Norinius from Beautisol skin care line. I have tried it, and I like it a lot. Their self tanning product gives you nice golden color with a little bit of pink grapefruit color thrown in. The best thing is - Beautisol does not smell like a self tanner. An extra bonus is that it is made with natural ingredients, so you do not have to smear a coctail of nasty chemicals onto your body.

You can use the same technique to apply self tanner whether it is cream, liquid or mousse. Just squeeze or squirt a small quality onto your gloved hand, then apply as shown.

How to Do Your Face.

Legs and Feet.

Upper Body.


Stomach and lower body.

I hope that this gives you some ideas. At the beginning some of it might feel a bit tricky, especially doing your back, but this is exactly how I do my back and it all comes great. I would advise you to start with lotions that do not give you an extra dark tan, so it does not look bad if you do not get it righ.

But, if you persist you will get really good at it in no time at all, and the reward is - you will save money on spray tanning.

Here is the best way to prepare before you apply self tanner.

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