Allergic reaction to spray tanning

Question: had a spray tan yesterday. My face and chest are rashy, swollen, red, and warm to the touch. Any ideas how to reduce that rash, etc.

Answer: You are having an allergic reaction to spray tan and although usually they are just uncomfortable, I would go to the doctor or a pharmacy and get some medication. You don't have to take it if you are not feeling too bad, but some allergic reactions can turn pretty bad quickly, so it is better to be prepared.

A very small percentage of people are allergic to fake tanning products and although it is not really your spray tanning technician's fault, I would still inform her about it. It could be that the solution which she uses has higher than normal instances of allergic reactions, but if nobody tells her about it, she will never know, will she?

When it comes to your spray tanning practices, you have to work out if you are just allergic to this particular spray tanning solution, or to the all of them. Next time, before you go for a spray tan do a test patch in a sensitive area such as inside of your elbow or tummy. If you get a rash ro swelling, it is not for you.

If you find a spray tanning solution which you do not get a negative reaction to, stick to it, otherwise you might go through the unfortunate experience again.

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Jul 28, 2015
swollen eyes
by: Anonymous

Question: I've previously done my own fake tan at home and woken up the next day with extremely swollen eyes which lasted about 2 days. i used it on my face that time, so on a different occasion i used the fake tan but didnt put it on my face and i didnt get swollen eyes. I want to get a spray tan before going to a festival next week but i dont want to end up with swollen eyes, is there any way i can request in a salon not to have it done on my face or would you say its too risky to get one done at all incase i end up with swollen eyes?

Answer: In spray tanning salon they will have eye covers which are used for your protection. You can also ask for nose plugs and some salons also have face masks in case you do not want to tan your face at all. In my opinion, if it gives you ANY reaction at all, you should not do it. The body is telling you something :-)

Jul 02, 2015
Violent Reaction to Spray Tan
by: Anonymous

Question: My daughter and I got spray tans yesterday and we each woke up violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea. I've read a lot about allergic reactions to the formulas used, but neither of us has a rash. Could it be a coincidence that we both got so sick in the middle of the night, or could we have ingested some of the product somehow?

Answer: It is a very unusual reaction, I would look more at what you had for lunch or dinner later as it looks more like food poisoning to me.
However, anything is possible, after all the skin is a living thing and might have absorbed some chemicals which created a reaction. I would suggest that if you choose to do it next time you look for a salon which uses organic solution with as few chemical ingredients as possible. Also wear nose and eye protection.

Jun 19, 2015
swollen feet and ankles
by: vicky

Question: i had my first spray tan and 24 hours later my feet had blown up to double size one week later i am still swollen has this happened to anyone else?

Answer: Not personally and none of my clients reported that reaction, however, every body is different and obviously some chemical or combination of has effected your body.
In situations like that it means that body is retaining water to dilute the poison which is affecting it. You want to flush it out of your system, so go on fresh, raw fruit and vegetables for a day. You can also drink fruit juice, but not the one from the store, that usually has been heated up and turns into acid. Make your own. That will bind and flush out the toxins really quickly. Watermelon is the best :-)

Also, if you want to get another spray tan in the future, I would research which salon uses an organic spray tanning solution with only few ingredients. That should help, although you could be allergic to something like DHA, which is in most spray tanning solutions and then it is difficult to find an alternative (erythrulose could be one).
If you really want to spray tan in the future you will have to turn into a detective to track down the chemical your body is reacting to.

Apr 07, 2014
allergic to self tanners?
by: Anonymous

Everyone thinks the culprit is DHA but did you ever consider you may be allergic to dye, especially red 40 which is in all self tanners.

Boshena's comment: There are many ingredients in self tanners, most of them not tested, so you can be allergic to any of those. Red 40 is just one of them.

Nov 13, 2013
Fake tan rash
by: Anonymous

I got a fake tan 5 days ago (brand name is naked tan ) the day after I got it done I was covered in a rash from stomach to legs I always get fake tans pretty much once a fortnight and mostly use the naked tan range but this time went to a different salon but still used naked tan I am still covered in this itchy horrible rash all over me legs .i put calamine lotion on it it made it sting really bad for 10 mins .why is it happening and what will make it go away.
But it's the naked tan spray I'm not allergic to but went and got the same brand tan done with a different machine and the I got the rash

Answer It might not even be the original solution that is causing the problem, but some bacteria that somehow got into it due to unhygienic handling of the equipment.
If not that, then it also might be that the toxic effects of this spray tanning solution are cumulative and so after a while, your body develops allergy to it. I must say that I heard good stuff about Naked Tan, but you never know what can affect you.

Sep 10, 2013
Fake tan = swollen face!
by: Fiona

I used a fake tan (St Tropez mousse) on my legs, arms, shoulders, chest and face on Friday night. I washed it off on Saturday morning, then I woke on Sunday with a red hot face that got worse throughout the day. On Monday morning I woke with very swollen eyes, and a sore, hot itchy rash on my face and chest and shoulders. The doctor gave me some tablets to take for three days only. It has gone down a little bit now it's tuesday night, but it's still hot and sore around my eyes and chin.
Could the fake tan have caused this? I have never, ever had a reaction to anything in my life- not even spray tanning or gradual tanning moisturiser. I'm very confused as I can't think of anything else that may have caused the reaction.

Answer: Yes, fake tan could have caused it. People are allergic to all sorts of things. I had few clients allergic to aloe vera, which for most people is beneficial.
There can be up to 40+ different chemicals in the fake tan products and most of them have never been approved by FDA. Same thing with shampoos, conditioners, any skin care cosmetics, color cosmetics etc. That is why we all should read labels and use as many natural cosmetics as possible - to get people who play Russian roulette with our health off the market by not buying their products.

Dec 09, 2012
Solution to DHA reaction
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Like many of your commenter's, I'm allergic to dihydroxyacetone, however I have found a tanning product that doesn't have it!

MAC produce a product called 'Skinsheen Leg spray' and it doesn't contain DHA - woot!

Give it a go!

Boshena's comment: Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check it out.

Oct 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had a spray tan done 2 days ago and I woke up today with both of my eyes swollen and puffy. Could the spray tan have caused this?

Boshena's comment: Yes, spray tan can absolutely cause this. There are many chemicals in the spray tanning solution and some of them, sadly might not even been tested at all.
That said, another solution might not bring this reaction on at all, so if you are brave enough after this experience, you might have to experiment.

Please tell the salon, if nobody reports their reactions, they will never know. You could also find out what solution they are using and write to the manufacturer.
If the situation is serious, all salons have insurance to compensate for situations like these.

Feb 27, 2012
allergic reaction
by: Pam

I spray tanned 3 days ago and the very next day I woke up with severe whelps and rash on my neck, back and eventually on my face, chest and stomach. Seems to be traveling down my body. Very, very uncomfortable and itchy. Started a steroid dose pack today to see if the itchy patches will go away.
I told the salon where I went that I had tried every kind of self tanner on my legs in the past and everyone had given me an allergic reaction. She said she thought what she had was safe. I think I must be allergic to DHA. I'll never spray tan again. So sad, because for a few hours, I looked really good with my nice tan!

Boshena's comment: That IS bad. Yes, I think that you might be allergic to DHA. I've seen this reaction on few people and it is not pretty!

Feb 17, 2012
Swollen Face
by: Jbug137

I had an allergic reaction after I've been to the same salon for 3 months. I've never had an allergic tea film to anything in my life! Is there anything I can do to help the swelling? I'm on steroids prescribed from my doc, taking Benadryl & applying hydrocortisone cream. I feel like a squirrel preparing for winter!!

Boshena's comment: That is so bad! I would be heading straight to a health food store and getting something natural to help with it. I hate steroids, I think that they do more harm than good. You must look cute though (pathetic loughter...)

Dec 23, 2011
Hydrocortisone and Spray Tan
by: Anonymous

I am on hydrocortisone tablets and would like to have a spray tan but am not sure if I may have an allergic reaction. Has anyone else ever had this done when on these tablets?

I have not come accross this question before and I don't have an answer for you.

My suggestion would be to do a test patch to be sure that there will not be any allergic reaction. Any salon will do it on the inside of your elbow or behind your knee are the most sensitive areas.

I am not sure what you are taking those tablets for, but have you tried raw food lifestyle? People get cured from typeI diabeties in 30 days, it is very likely that it would help you too. Just google it, it sounds difficult but it is not at all. You eat more than normal and feel fantastic :-)

Nov 09, 2011
itchy skin
by: Anonymous

ive had about 20 spray tans this year using diffrent spray tans each time. each time i have got them same thing red rash onmy chest, neck and legs. and very very itchy for around 3 days.i think if u do get this there is no fake tan out there to use to stop this ive tryed everything. if anyone does know for 200% please help. thankx.

Unless you are allergic to something that is in all of fake tanners (like DHA) you should be able to find something that will not make you itch.
I had the same problem and then I started to use Safe Tan (I used to have a supplier of this but she does not do it anymore) and now I found Beautisol which also does not make me itch. Turns out I was allergic to parabens.

So, the more natural you go, the better your chance of finding something that will work for you.

Oct 24, 2011
Rash on face
by: Anonymous

Yes I too have a rash on 1 side of my face thats hot to the touch. It showed up within 48hrs of me actually getting the spray tan. Other than smelling like a frito for a few more days, I think I'll just wait it out. Mine's not that bad but guess I can't do Spray Tans in the future :-(

Try changing to a different brand of spray tanning solution. It might be something in this particular one that does not agree with your skin.
There are a lot of spray tanning solutions now that use natural, organic ingredients, it probably will not be too hard to find a salon that uses one of those.

Aug 11, 2011
Allergic Reaction
by: Sharon

Having skin cancer, I have tried many sunless tanning products - i have an allergic reaction to every single one. I've tried the spray tan at salons also - same problem. if anyone has any hypo-allergenic solutions, please let me know!!!

You are most probably allergic to DHA which is almost in every sunless product as it is THE tanning factor.
I know that some people experimented with henna and erythulose, but I have not heard of a such sunless tanner that is still available, because the results they delivered were inferior.

So, you just might have to stay pale if indeed you are allergic to DHA.

Jul 31, 2011
Me Too
by: Anonymous

Had the same experience -rash on neck and chest area and swollen face. Not a pleasant few days! Guess I'll just be pale.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had a spray tan yesterday and today I have a red rash
On my top lip... It's not painful just red & has brought
Out alot of White heads.
Everywhere else is fine.. I did immac my lip 2 days ago
So is that y? And how can I make it go down

I am not sure what immac is, but it does sound like that and spray tanning do not mix since it is the only place where you got your rash.

I suggest not mixing those two together :-)

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