age appropriate for spray tanning

by Julie
(Athens Al USA)

Question: My daughter is 13 years old with blue eyes and brown hair. Her father was red headed and she got his fair complexion and the girls at school say mean things sometimes to her about it and she is failing p.e. because she wont dress out anymore; is she old enough for spray tanning, is it safe, what is the average cost of this, how often would she have to tan?
There is no way a 13 year old can use the tanning lotion plus she cant stand the way lotion feels on her skin. And I dont feel safe with her using tanning beds. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: I am not a great fan of spray tanning for children for two reasons:

One - spray tanning solutions are usually made of up to 40 different chemicals, many of them not tested. I just hate to think of what some of them can do to a growing body if used regularly.

Second - spray tans need looking after and you don't want to turn your 13 year old into a kid that will not join into any physical activities because she is scared to ruin her spray tan. Spray tans on kids do not last as long as they do on adults - they get scratched, rubbed off and damaged in every possible way. At $30 a pop (that is the cheaper ones) it can get quite expensive, since to be tan all the time she would need to have them done at least once a week.

A much better option in my opinion is to get a bottle of SafeTan, which IS a tanning solution, but - it has no harmful chemicals, no smell and has consistency of water, so it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the skin.

Application can also be exceedingly easy, because all she would need to do is to put on a pair of latex gloves, shake the bottle, and spray a bit on her legs and then rub it in very well. The coverage is excellent, color very natural, and she can reapply when she wants to.

It would be important to make her understand that if she only uses a small amount, then when this self tan would fade it would fade like a real tan - gradually and pretty evenly, if she would use more solution and make it dark, then it could fade in patches.
Repairing tan is also very easy, a tiny amount on make up remover pad and again very lightly dab on damaged places - very lightly, so she does not finish with darker patches instead of light ones.

Once she gets hang of it, it should take about 2 minutes to do legs, so even if you have to help her every now and again, it is pretty much like applying sunscreen, except you have to do it in latex gloves and make sure that you rub it in well.

To keep it all the time application every 3-5 days would be needed.

That is what I would do for my daughter. I agree with you that at this age it is useless to try to make her love her white skin, all she wants to do is to just fit in. Using SafeTan can get you through this period and it will not cost an arm and a leg or her health.

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