After you get a spray tan can you wear makeup? (besides mascara)

Question: After the spray tan, will it naturaly cover your face like make up? Or will you still have to wear cover up?

Answer: Most people find that after they get a spray tan they do not have to wear any foundation, because their skin is even and glowing. However, blusher, eye shadow eye liner and mascara can be worn.

If you find that you absolutely HAVE TO wear a foundation, make sure that it is not in the first 6 hours after spray tan as liquid in the cover up can blotch the tan (unless you use dry mineral cover up, which is OK).
You must also be aware that if you use foundation, the color on your face will fade off quicker due to the process of removing make up every night.

If you wear cover up make up after spray tanning you will have to change the color of it to match the new color of your face and body. It is not a really good look to have dark body and very pale face.

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