after tan?

by Mikaela
(Mt buller)

Question: with the two hour tan my sister said your not supposed to wear tight clothing or makeup 8 hours after you have showered, is this true and with all two hour spray tans?

Answer: The idea of 2 hour tan is that your tan develops fully within 2 hours and it is "ready to wear" after you have your shower.
However, you must know that ANY fake tan will wear off quicker with tight clothes rubbing it off and so if you can wear looser clothes it will be better.

When it comes to make up, you should be able to put it on after the shower, but while you have your spray tan it is best to use mineral foundation powders as they do not contain any oils that could affect the tan. You will not need as much as usual, because your skin will already have "foundation" of spray tan, just a light dusting.

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