after my spray tan with a gun it was all freckley

by cindy
(london ont)

Question: i got a spray tan with a gun and my skin is very nice and dark but it lookes like i have freckles. i got told it will do this unytill i shower and it will all blend in,is this true.

Answer: Yes, that will most probably wash off, but if it doesn't there can be couple of reasons:

- you had some open pores in your skin (perhaps you did some waxing on the day of your spray tan and your pores were still open). The spray tan lodged itself in the open pores and got trapped there. The color will eventually come out of them, but sometimes it sticks around for longer than your tan lasts, so you might look freckly for couple of weeks

- you might have some dry patches on your skin that grabbed more color than the rest of your skin. That means you need to exfoliate those areas better next time to get rid of dry patches. The best is Baiden Mitten. It does an excellent job of getting rid of all the over dry skin.

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