African Americans and spray tanning

by Kiara Harris
(Anchorage, AK)

Question: Can african americans spray tan or do you only provide tanning colours for caucasions?

Answer: You can spray tan, and the results can be great. One of my clients told me that after spray tanning she feels like a bronze statue.

She spray tanned to get all her body even in color and also to give her skin more golden shade. Her natural color was a bit gray, and spray tanning really made her skin glow.

The lightest shade should be quite sufficient for you, and if there is a lot of contrast between your light areas and dark ones, you should go to a salon where they use a hand held machine.

The technician will spray tan your light areas twice to get them similar color than the rest of your body. Automatic spray tanning booth will spray everything evenly, so even though all the different shades of your skin will blend in better, there will still be some difference visible.

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