Acne washes that do not effect spray tan

by Jessica Hetter
(Sumter, SC, US)

Question: Are there ANY acne washes that won't effect your spray tan. I suffer from acne but I just got my first organic spray tan and I need to find a way to keep my acne at bay without ruining my tan. Any suggestions??

Answer: That is a bit of a dilemma, because all the acne washes that I have seen so far are used for skin exfoliation, so they will take your prescious organic spray tan right off.

I can think of 2 solutions: if your acne is already under control then a day before you apply your spray tan you could give it a really good scrub with Baiden Mitten and that should last about a week just like your spray tan, then you scrub again and repeat the process.
(Do not use this glove on active acne, it can spread it futher).

Second you could use some herbal remedy in a pill form from Health Food Store, my boys are using Acne Nomore which is Australian formulation and which works quite well, I am sure you should have something like that in US. Because you swallow the pill you don't actually need to put anything on your face. It takes a little while to work, but once it does you can use spray tan without acne washes.

If none of those solutions appeal to you, you can take a different approach. You could re-apply the spray tan onto your face every couple of days, or even every day by making a mixture of spray tan and your favorite face cream in the palm of your hand and then applying (wash hands thoroughly afterwards so your palms will not turn brown). Mixing spray tanning solution with face cream will dilute it, so it will not be full strength when you apply it. You don't want the effect of spray tan fading off your body and face staying dark. That is why diluting it a bit could be a good idea.

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