about the self tanning video...

by Jenny

The demonstration and information about tips for apply fake tanning products featured here on this site was great right up until the lady who was applying the tanning product left a BIG STREAK down the model's leg. It was so very noticeable and would have RUINED her tan had this been real. That totally blew any credibility of this video for me. I can streak my legs with fake tanning products..what I wanted to see and what I was hoping to see and what this video promoted was the RIGHT way to apply so as NOT to get streaks. You need to remake the video and try again...without leaving the huge dark streak down the models right leg.

Answer: Jenny, I noticed that too!(I did not make the video).

I put this video up for people to get a general idea about how it is done, but I know it is not the best one.

I have actually made a video of me applying self tan to myself, but when I checked it out later I noticed that all that sitting in front of computer has made me FAT!

So, I am on a diet now and after I finish I will have another go, but it is SO HARD to loose weight when your office is in full view of a refrigerator....

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