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The value of a spray tan in a flood.
May 23, 2009

The value of a spray tan in a flood.

Here I am sitting in Ballina in a nice warm home and outside a huge storm is raging. Many towns around us have flooded, people are being evacuated, and properties lost.

Month ago there were deadly bush fires and many people perished. This is Australia.

At time like this it seems a bit surreal to write about spray tanning, but at the same time it is very comforting to know that there are great times when the worst that you have to worry about is the fact that your spray tan looks a bit orange, or you have streeks on your feet.

If you are one of those people that this is your biggest problem at this stage - enjoy the moment, and cherish it. There will be times when you will look back on it and smile.

Needless to say, I have not had a spray tan for few weeks, and I could really use one right now to lift my spirits up. It is amazing how such a small thing can change our mood completely.

To balance out the contents of this issue - have a look at some really funny spray tanning videos.

This is one of my favorite pages, and it always makes me smile when I see Ross from Friends getting sprayed over and over on the front only.


Spray tanning tip of the week.

For those of you that spray tan in a booth, this is quite an important tip that was submitted by Samantha Young from Canada.

It is especially important if you like darker tans. Click here to read it >>

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