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Tanning beds as dangerous as cigarettes, arsenic, and asbestos
July 31, 2009

Tanning beds are now considered as dangerous as cigarettes, arsenic, and asbestos.

New reports from the United Nation's Cancer Research Division say tanning beds are now in its top group of cancer causing substances. In fact they are on the same level as cigarettes, arsenic and asbestos.

Amazingly, some people still recommend to "build up your tan" in tanning beds before you go into the sun. What they fail to tell you is that UVA and UVB rays from tanning beds penetrate skin 4X deeper than sun rays.

When I had my salon I was ALWAYS able to tell which client had ever used tanning beds in their life. It was to do with how elastic the skin was.
People who had used tanning beds (and some of them stopped well over 10 years ago)would have a loose, hanging skin that was always older than their biological age.
The reason for it is that the rays from tanning beds go very deep and break down elastin between the cells. No amount of face cream can ever repair it, and even surgery can make the skin tighter, but not more elastic.

So, don't fall for the rubbish that tanning industry is trying to feed you to save their business. You are just a $ to them. Look after yourself, and if you really want to be tan, use a spray tan or self tanning products.

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