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New Beauty Products Reviews Page.
June 22, 2009

Check out my new Beauty Products Reviews page.

Do you love beauty products? I spend a lot of money on trying new ones out all the time. Most of them I only try out once and then move onto something else. Most of them I don't even use up. Why? Because most products are not that great. In fact a lot of them are a waste of money.

However, every now and again I come accross something that is truly exceptional. I really stick to those products for a long time.

Since it took me a long time to find them, I do not want my efforts to be wasted, so I decided to include them on my website for the benefit of people like you.

I will also include some Beauty Products Reviews of the products that are quite bad, so you won't be tempted to throw your money away.

I have already completed reviews on few products like: my favorite spray tanner, "how to spray tan" manual, Diva Cup (that is truly a miracle product) and Athena mini face lift cream (that one is bad).

Check out my Beauty Products Reviews here.

Spray tanning tip of the week.

If you use acne products like ProActiv, can you spray tan? Or will ProActiv mess your tan up? Click here to read more about it.>>

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