Prom Spray Tan - get it right.

Many times I get questions about spray tanning for prom from young girls. For many of you Prom Spray Tan will be your first time ever.

It is also your very first time when you get to really dress up and basically play the princess. For such an important occasion everything has to be just right - the dress, hair, make up, nails, shoes and more and more often - the spray tan.

It is a good idea to give your Prom Spray Tan some thought, since it can make or break your whole day, and not only if it would go orange.

To make sure that it turns out perfect follow these steps:

1) Get the lightest possible shade of spray tan. NEVER, EVER consider a dark spray tan for your prom, even if the theme of it would be "Beach party". If you do, you will take away all the attention from your special dress. The function of Prom Spray Tan is to enhance your dress, and provide a flawless skin for your make up. Light shade will make your hair shine, eyes sparkle and give you a brilliantly white smile.It will also make you look good on all the photos, even those ones that will be taken in the dimmer light.

If you get a dark tan, in the photos you will not be able to see your features, only a dark blob in a dress.

Below is a photo of two girls that got it right and two guys that didn't. Can you see what I mean?

bad prom spray tan

2) Make sure that you exfoliate really, really well a day before you go for your spray tan. Pay particular attention to places like knees, elbows and feet. That will ensure that your spray tan will go on even and than fade evenly. If you can afford it, invest in a Baiden Mitten.

3) A day before your spray tanning appointment is also a good time to shave or wax. Shaving or waxing on the day of spray tanning can result in pores of the skin not closing properly and bronzer in spray tanning solution lodging there giving you a spotty look.

4) Best day to get your spray tan is 2 days before your prom. For example - if your Prom is on Saturday afternoon, than get your Prom Spray Tan on Thursday evening. Some tans these days take up to 48 hours to develop fully and additionally, if anything goes wrong with your tan (rare, but it does happen occasionally) you will have a whole day to repair it.

5)Make sure that you give at least 5 hours after spray tanning before you have a shower (better to do it early in the morning the next day) and shower only for a short time in cool water. Long, hot showers and baths will take your tan off really quickly.

6) When you go for your Prom Spray Tan make sure that you put a good amount of barrier cream on top and underneath your fingernails and on top of your toenails. That will stop them from getting discolored.

7) Make sure you get some tan extending lotion or cream - very important. It not only will keep your tan for a longer time, but - if needed will help you repair some damage.

8) If possible, get a trial spray tan some time before your actual Prom Spray Tan. That way you will discover how your skin reacts to the solution and also, how to care for your tan. It is good to have a practice run, so you know what to expect.

9) If you are short on funds and cannot afford two spray tans, get a bottle of SafeTan and learn how to apply it. It gives a great color and even from the smallest bottle you can have 3-5 tans, so it will give you enough for practice and your Prom Spray Tan. In fact you will have enough left over to keep your tan great for few weeks.

Steps to prepare before your Prom Spray Tan.

How to care for your spray tan to make it last a long time.

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