Diva Cup Review - the Very Best Product for Women.

You might not have expected a Diva Cup Review on my pages. After all it is not really a beauty product. Some of you might not even know what it is.

For those of you that never heard of it, it might be something of a shock at first. It was to my daughter too. I sent her a Diva Cup for her birthday (amongst other things). She rang me on the day that she received it and said "This is the strangest birthday present that I ever got. Is it a joke?"

She laughts at it now, and thinks that Diva Cup was her best present ever. She has been using it for 3 years now and she thinks that it has saved her a ton of money too.

Diva Cup is a silicone menstrual cup. You use it instead of tampons, inserting it into your vagina. It is totally reusable, hygenic and super easy.

When I told my daughters that I was writing a Diva Cup review, my younger daughter told me to let you know that she came from heavy periods with a lot of cramps which almost left her a recluse for one week in a month to a person that often forgets that she is even having a period. She hikes a lot and believes that her Diva Cup is essential for travellers, since it packs in her purse, only needs a splash of water to rinse out and stopped her cramps too.

If you only get one thing from my Diva Cup Review, please, please make sure that your research this idea further. It is by far the best product for women ever invented.

Diva Cup review Menstrual Cups have been around for a very long time. They came before tampons and used to be made of rubber, so they were not as hygenic as they are now, being silicone.

Why, may you ask, if they are such a fabulous invention, are they not everywhere? I have once heard a smart person say: "If you do not know the reason, just follow the money..."

If we all used menstrual cup instead of tampons and pads, each of us would probably use 3-4 cups. That is about $200-$300 IN OUR LIFETIME. Can you see that it would not be in the interest of certain industries? Women are serious money spinners for companies making tampons and pads. Sure, they might be much more inconvenient than a little menstrual cup, but they bring in millions.

That is why we have been brainwashed in believing that tampons are hygenic and safe. That is total rubbish.

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