Beauty Products Reviews - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I wrote the Beauty Products Reviews page because I am very curious (and gullable) person, and I love trying new things. I have bought many products that are total crap and few that are really, really good.

Just in case you also are into trying new things I will put my own Beauty Products Reviews here so you can share in my discoveries. Although I will be reviewing some products associated with spray tanning, others will be not.

The internet is full of people selling all sort of stuff. Lots of those things do not work, and the only reason that people are pushing them is because they get really good commissions from doing so.

You know how it works - you buy a product, try it out, it doesn't work, but you miss "money back in 30 days" guarantee and you are stuck with it. Somebody gets paid for referring you to the manufacturer of this product.

I have been taken many times by those "miracle products" and I hate them, so I will be writing some bad Beauty Products Reviews as well as some good ones. Whenever possible, I will give you links to the products reviewed, others you might have to chase up yourself if they are available in your country.

A lot of products that are really good are not advertised on the Internet simply because the manufacturer does not pay any commissions. I will write about those as well, even though I will not be making any money off them. If you like them, just pass the information forward, so more people will get the benefit.

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The links below will take you to a product review of your choice:

Beautisol self tanning products. Not just your average self tanners.

Safe Tan - a natural and safe self tanning product.

Baiden Mitten -The Best pre spray tan Body Exfoliating on the planet.

How to spray tan training manual for starting your own business.

Instant facelift

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