ACT Spray Tan Salon Locations.

Spray tanning is becoming more and more popular every day. In ACT spray tan salon locations are increasing all the time, so if you can't find a salon near you on this page today, tomorrow there might be one!

Please keep in mind that I only display ACT spray tan locations for MagicTan (which I know and trust), that does not mean that there are no others.

Faux Tanning Studio
P/code: 2604
PH: 02 6162 1907
Hand held spray.

Simply Gorgeous Health & Beauty Salon
P/code: 2906
PH: 0422 572 133
Hand held spray.

P/code: 2912
PH: 02 5100 5361
MagicTan Booth.

Weston Skin Care Centre
P/code: 2611
PH: 02 6288 2297
Hand held spray.

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