Best Spray Tans. How To Get Them, How To Keep Them

When I first started to be interested in spray tanning few years ago I loved what I saw, but it was quite expensive. And after viewing few tanning disasters, I knew I wanted only the best spray tans.

I figured that if I owned my own spray tanning salon I could get my tans real cheap. And so I went out and bought my equipment. Since I did not have any confidence with a spray gun, I got a Magic Tan booth.

I thought, since I got the best, most expensive equipment there was, the tans would be perfect every time. The equipment worked fine, the only thing that I did not count on was the fact that I was dealing with human skin, and THAT is very unpredictable.

I suffered through many customer complaints, refunded many tans before I learned that there are things that can be done that will ensure virtually perfect tan every time.

Not only that - since working at the tanning studio I had to be tanned all the time, I found out ways and shortcuts (some of them from other salon owners) that were simple, easy and INEXPENSIVE. In the end while my clients paid hundreds of dollars to be constantly tanned, I paid less than 1/10th of that sum for my tans, and I DID produce some of the best spray tans possible for my clients.

I recently sold my spray tanning salon but the lessons I learned did not go to waste. I will gladly share them with you.

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